IES AuraCloud 3D

No aura is bad

This is the ultimate in Aura viewing available is much more than just an Aura photo, it is a scan of you...

You receive an Aura Report addressing: Top, Left, Center, Right and Bottom 

Chakra Bar Graph

Knowing about your Chakras allows you to determine the corrective action to create more balanced/higher energy in your life.  

High bars/bright colors represent a healthy energy center(s). Those that are mixed with brown or not as bright indicate a less energetic energy...calling for some balance treatment. 

Mind-Body-Spirit Graph

Mind-Body-Spirit graph will provide you with an overview on how your energies are distributed between the body, mind, and spirit.

Aura Power

The Red Circle indicates the power of your Aura and is an important indicator of how much enery you radiate around you.

Aura Wave

Aura wave is a representation of your emotional-energetic calmness shown by an image that varies in wave height.

Yin-Yang Color Wheel

The color wheel give you an overview of the complete aura color range.It's recommended to use your aura color or the complimentary opposite color to relax and balance yourself.

The graph also indicates your yin-yang balance. 

The Relaxation graph shows your physical relaxation. The higher the blue bars are filled in the more overall relaxation and reduced stress in your energy.

Energy Level

The energy level graph shows the different energy channels that are measured and is based on your electro-dermal activity. The indigo channel represents your intuitive energy. The ​​green channel represents your mental energy. The light blue channel represents your emotional energy. The red channel prepresents your physical energy.


The Emotiometer shows your emotional reactions, true thoughts and inner feelings. Realtime graphic indicators display immediate response of true feelings and thoughts.