The Lost Art of Healing

Earthing has been around since humans have walked the Earth, actually it is only in the past couple hundred years that humanity has slowly removed itself from Earthing as a healing element. We used to sleep on the ground and walk barefoot, now we  do neither...for the most part.

The Earth beneath our feet provides a powerful and 'maybe' surprising (yet marvelous) function...the function to heal. Check this out:

- A former attorney for a Fortune 500 company who experienced dramatic remission from lupus
- An Australian doctor who restores feeling to the numb feet of patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy
- A paraplegic in Alaska who was unable to move his feet for 25 years after an accident and is able 'now' not only move his feet but take a few steps
- Many others suffering from common disorders have found peace and healing through reconnecting with Mother Earth (Ober, Sinatra, Zucker-Earthing).

For thousands of years, we slept on the ground and walked either barefoot or with animal skin (only) separating our feet from the Earth's surface. Then a shift in our actions...we started wearing non-conductive shoes, sleeping inches to feet off the ground, placing carpets all over the place...all this and other actions basically created an Earth-Starved society-an unhealthier society. However, this disconnect is easily addressed-Earthing. This process is as easy as being outdoors, barefoot-sleeping on the ground and so on. Common benefits of Earthing include:

            - Rapid Reduction of Inflammation
            - Rapid Reduction or Elimination of Chronic Pain
            - Dynamic Blood Flow Improvement to better supply the cells and tissues of the body with vital oxygen and nutrition
            - Reduced Stress
            - Increased Energy
            - Improved Sleep
            - Accelerated Healing from Injuries and Surgery
The Earth is the Natural Inflammatory
"The inflammation, sickness, and pain in your body are but a manifestation-large part or small-of an electron deficiency...the Remedy is as close as the Earth you live on." - Dr. Sinatra

The Applewhite Study, linked to the Nobel Prize physicist Richard Feyman's findings in 1960 on the Earths subtle energies, found a protective effect from Earthing vs. not Earthing...shown to the right and called the umbrella effect.