John of God Crystal Bed Therapy

"For those who believe, no words are necessary. For those who don't believe, no words are possible,'  - Dom Inacio

Those that understand holistic healing know that the healing can be done over a distance, which over 8 million people seek distance healing from John of God​ and another 2 million make the journey for an in-person healing. John of God is said to work directly with St. Dom Inacio, the Founder of the Jesuit Order, The Society of Jesus as 

Crystal Light Beds are sometimes referred to as an advanced chromotherapy machine, either way the John of God Crystal Bed is a spiritual treatment device, which those at the Casa Dom Inacio also call a crystal bath therapy. It uses colored beames of light that are focused directly on your Chakras or energy centers, each finely crafted pure quartz crystal is cut to a precise frequency. The alternating lights produce a balancing effect on your energy body as you lay peacefully with your eyes coverded/closed with a soft white cloth, relaxing music in the background creates for a beautiful meditative experience.  While your energy body is receiving this external assistance from the entities associated with the John of God Crystal Bed, you are 'more than likely' having a wonderful experience that you have not encountered in this incarnation.  

Entitites are Healing Spirit Guides of the Casa and work on rejuvination, balancing and alignment of your energy fields, which actually expands into the process of spiritual and physical healing. 

The seven finely crafted quartz crystals will be placed approximately 12 inches above you, after you have settle on the Biomat (set at a low setting), which is on a massage table. The crystals are aligned directly with your Chakras-coordinated by the colors of your chakras and the colors coming from the lights. Each one is specific to the vibration of that Chakra or the energy centers of your physical body. You just rest and allow your body to embrace and receive the therapy that is coming your way.

The Healing Spiritual Entities are able to use the crystals as a portal so do not be concerned if you actually 'feel' a presence of being worked on as there is nothing to fear. Many using our bed have reported a spiritual encounter, a message, a feeling that they can only describe as an "Angel" working on them. 

In preparation, best to wear white or light colored clothing; however, if you are not in this colored attire, we have you covered as we have white sheets that we will use. The saying, "The mind is like a parachute, it's best when open" is the exact mindset to have...actually, create your intention before the process even begins as 50% of this therapy is a Spiritual Healing and the other 50% is your own attitude. 

There is nothing to fear, this is safe and non-invasive. To prepare, you will remove your shoes, all metals (jewelry) and crystals-if you are carrying or wearing any. You will then lie fully clothed on the massage table where one of us will provide you with a sheet to cover, your eye cloth and we will align the crystals with your Chakras. Before we leave the room, we will offer any last minute instruction, turn the music on and let you begin your own experience. Relax, meditate, fall's whatever your body needs-you will do. No worries in the world, we will set the timer and get you when the time has concluded. 

Duration of a Session. Sessions are 45-50 minutes and can be done daily, this is for someone in average to good health. If you are feeling ill or weak, sessions are 20-40 minutes. More more ill or weak you feel, the shorter the session-shortest session is 20 minutes. If you are ill, again you serving as the guage, sessions can be done two to three times per week; again, if in average to good health, sessions can be done daily but never to exceed an hour.

We have decided to combine the Biomat with our sessions here at Akashic Awareness. Again, the mat will be set on a low setting...for more information on the Biomat, go to the top and click on the menu and choose Biomat.

People have reported the following experiences:

Deep Relaxation
Feelings of being Energized
Feelings of darkness or heaviness lifted off
Interdimensional travel
Presence of Spiritual Beings
Gaining clarity and focus
Energy moving through different areas of the body
Feelings of inner senses heightened for spiritual awareness