Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation--Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy

Tesla Technology for the Ages

The Earth has natural PEMFs-The Schumann Resonance and the Geometric Frequencies

The iMRS PEMF System administers precise natural pulsating magnetic fields to the body with specific frequencies and intensities
- The iMRS uses entirely earth-based and brain state frequencies...your cells will tune in and resonate to these healing frequencies
- The system uses proven Sawtooth Waveform, which provides cells with a full spectrum of needed frequencies and optimal ion transport...a sawtooth waveform has the unique ability to deliver multiple frequencies simultaneously
- The mat is the only PEMF device using NASA's Square Waveform, which is proven by NASA to be the most effective for healing, regeneration and pain relief (US Patent 7601, 114 B2, Oct 13, 2009)
- The iMRS is the only system to have a true Biorhythm Clock, which assists in synchronizing the body and mind to be energized in the morning and relaxed in the evening

Earth's Magnetic Field   +   Brain Waves   +   Projected Bioenergetic Field   =   Healing Energy    

Whole Body , Local and Probe Applicator all for direct command of managing your own troubled areas. The Whole Body Applicator uses the Sawtooth Waveforms and the Local and Probe Applicators use the NASA proves Square Waveform.


Whole Body                       Local                             Probe

​Sawtooth Waveform is designed to allow the maximum number of frequencies to simultaneously penetrate the body.

Whole Body uses Sawtooth Waveforms, Local and Probe use the NASA Square Waveform.

Sawtooth Waveform

Square Waveform

Five Elements of Health

Earth, Air, Wind, Fire and Aether (Akasha)

First Element: Earth/Food. Natural earth-based PEMFs help your body to digest, absorb and assimilate the nutrients found in high quality organic food.

Second Element: Water. Natural earth-based PEMF Therapy can help organize, oxygenate, alkalize, and lower the surface tension of water-making it more health and hydrating. Since the body is primarily made of water, PEMF will improve the transfer of essential elements and nutrients to the cells thus improving energy production in cells and helping to better facilitate waste removal out of the cells and the body.

Third Element: Air/Oxygen. Oxygen uptake binding to hemoglobin, transferring into the cells and assisting directly in ATP production. Along with deep breathing of fresh air, natural earth-based PEMF is the best oxygen therapy there is available.

Fourth Element: Fire/Sunlight. PEMF Therapy improves peripheral circulation, and blood flow to the skin while helping to keep the skin younger so you can enjoy the many benefits of the sun.

Fifth Element. Aether/Akasha. Ancients knew about the power of the Akasha for the Babylonians, Greek, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese and Medieval Alchemy all contain a fifth element-the Aether. Aether is also a term meaning the Akasha or space and is the material t hat fills the region of the Universe above the terrestrial sphere. It was called Quintessence, from the words quinta essential-literally meaning “Fifth Element”. The Quintessence is also known to have the power of life. Not fiction but a reality. The Akasha holds the earth’s magnetic field, which is also known as the geometric field. The earth’s magnetic field combined with Schumann’s resonance is the earth’s pulsed electromagnetic fields.

Above excerpts taken from “PEMF the Fifth Element of Health” by Bryant A. Meyers