Keepers of the Spirit Box

What does being A "Keeper of the Spirit Box mean?

The Meaning to be One of The Keepers 

The Keepers are special individuals who are willing to acquire The Spirit Box to share with their community.

Being one of The Keepers holds a Spiritual responsibility.

Respect this creation as a Sacred Object.

You have been chosen by your Higher Self and Spirit to host this transformational vehicle.

It is your responsibility to bring this to your community allowing others to share and connect in the experience.

You have been honored and honor others in so doing. 

What exactly is a Spirit Box? Well, I can only share what the Records of the Spirit Box gave me...yes, I was given permission by Andre to read the Spirit Box and it was amazing. Here is a short exchange, although the total exchange was four pages in length, I will share some of the key
points-keep in mind this is only a summation of some of the things and not worded to exact detail, except in italics.

When I first opened the Records I envisioned a volcanic eruption; however, it was not a vision of danger but creation. 

I asked the best way to explain the Spirit Box-

MTLO's: In your realm, much of what is seen is more illusion. Yes, you may see an event yet you are not aware of the ancillary situations/scenarios that lead up to the event...this does not stop you from making your own observation, hence the illusion. The Spirit Box removes all ancillary situations and/or scenarios and allows the viewer to truly see with their physical eyes what their Third Eye would see if open. Your realm talks about seeing energy, seeing aura's...many can but many cannot. No longer is this the situation. 

I asked what it could do for Humans

MTLO's: Awaken the silent unseen...

The biggest thing that came from it was is difficult to put into words what one experiences with the Spirit Box...experience can address experience. You must experience to understand...

At first, all I had to go off is what is listed on Andre's website (and posted below). So I filled out the box and submitted my information. Ok, I AM thinking that someone (sales rep) would email me back and it would go from there...not what happened. No, I received an email from Andre wanting to 'talk' via Skype. Amazed is what I was, the artist himself wanted to talk to me about being a Keeper. The only other person I have met like this is Linda Howe...anyways, we had an amazing hour and a half conversation...amazing isn't even a justified word. In hindsight, looking at the "Meaning" (below) I can see why he does this, he doesn't just embrace the offer to be a Keeper, he wants to get to know those wanting to become a Keeper. 

I AM the EMANATION is the "Spirit Box" that Akashic Awareness will be a "Keeper" of...
This and other videos can be found on Andre's YouTube page - click below

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